Motorways need not be a scary place. Keep to a few sensible rules and keep your wits about you and you will have nothing to worry about.

Slip roads – joining a motorway is generally done via a slip road. Use the time on the slip road to judge and adjust your speed to fit that of the motorway you are joining. If the flow is steady then its safe to say you need to pick up speed on the slip road to join the traffic safely. Joining slowly (unless the traffic is slow) is a very dangerous practice.

Keep to the left lane, unless you are overtaking – once this action is completed return to the left lane.

Keep checking your mirrors, ‘things’ happen very quickly on motorways.

Blind spots ! Check blind spots each and every time you change lanes.

Keep your eye on the road, don’t allow yourself to be distracted. Look further ahead than you would on regular roads.

Drive slower in bad weather, especially rain – visibility can change quite quickly. Use your lights in poor visibility (it’s important to be seen by others as well as being able to see where you are going

Give yourself plenty of time. If you are planning a longer than 2 hour trip then don’t forget to factor in a break stop of at least 10 minutes. However if you are tired or losing your concentration then take the next service stop and take a break. Service stops are signposted well on UK motorways so there is never an excuse.



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